Leading the Way

How will Baylor lead through an era of unprecedented health care reform? We will focus on our patients. We will continue to emphasize wellness and prevention. And we will be an example of safe, quality, compassionate care. In alignment with the Institute of Medicine, Baylor is transforming the patient experience — and creating a model of care for the future of our industry.


Influence health care reform through patient-centered models of care


Improve clinical practices to create an ideal experience for patients and caregivers


Continue to pursue excellence in education and research


Develop medical centers of excellence to improve the health of the communities
we serve


Preserve our reputation through stewardship and quality as a top-rated
health care system


Organize and develop population health management strategies

Baylor Will:

Transforming Health Care One Provider at a Time

Baylor Quality Alliance (BQA) is an accountable care organization of physicians, hospitals and other providers whose mission is to make health care better and more affordable for those served by Baylor Health Care System. This clinically integrated organization pursues the Triple Aim of better care, better health for the population and lower per person costs to create overall better value — while serving each patient from the heart.

Learn more about the Baylor Quality Alliance process here.

Wellness and Preventive Care

In response to the health needs in our communities, Baylor has embarked on a system-wide initiative, with a new model of care established in the BQA. We’re taking preventive care to people in neighborhoods throughout North Texas. We’re teaching them to take charge of their own health. We’re treating and responding to medical issues where it is needed. And together, we’re being an example for what health care can be.


Thrive for Wellness

We believe in wellness — and that includes our employees and their families. So we launched the Thrive for Wellness program with the goal of helping our Baylor family achieve balance in five key areas:


We know that healthy employees are not only more productive, but also more satisfied in their personal lives. The program has been so successful that other organizations in the community have hired our expert clinicians and coaches to help them achieve their wellness goals.


Institute for Health Care Research and Improvement

Best practices lead to better practitioners — and to better quality care for patients. That’s why we founded the Institute for Health Care Research and Improvement (IHCRI) in 1999. It began with a resolution to make safe, quality patient care our highest priority. Today, we’re leading the conversation about delivering the most efficient, affordable and effective care possible.




Baylor Health Care System’s IHCRI works closely with Baylor’s STEEEP® Global Institute to follow guidance from the Institute of Medicine to advance its mission of providing STEEEP® care. Together, these entities can uncover and refine treatments to improve quality care — and we share our knowledge and experience with organizations around the world in an effort to raise standards for global health care.